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I’m a lifelong fan of the Padres, who comes from a family of San Diego baseball fans that go back to the days of the old Pacific Coast League Padres. While I have a deep interest for all things related to San Diego baseball, I’m far from just a Padres fan. My energy and passion for baseball is more devoted to actually playing the game, in addition to learning, documenting and sharing the history of baseball. This is reflected in my blog, 90 Feet of Perfection.

With 90 Feet of Perfection, I’ve touched upon Padres content from time to time, but have never felt comfortable sharing too much, as the blog’s focus is reserved for baseball in general. I’ve often toyed with the idea of starting a Padres themed site, but 90 Feet of Perfection is my priority and I didn’t want to try unless I had a specific idea that could work. Over time, I eventually decided to pull the trigger and make this happen.

When I decided to create The 5.5 Hole, I knew it would have to be something that I’d personally read and find interesting and I believe I’ve done just that. In a nutshell, The 5.5 Hole is a blog with nothing but San Diego Padres content. With that said, don’t expect game recaps or statistical analyst as there are many sites that do a much better job at this than I ever could. What you can expect is a blog committed to anything related to Padres baseball that I deem worth sharing in a fun, informative and often nostalgic way.

Enjoy The 5.5 Hole and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to shoot me an email.